Sunday, October 30, 2011

Unity of God, Worship and Acceptance of Others

196. Pray if you sin IV (about unity and acceptance)
Islam is about unity,
But it is also about the
Acceptance of man’s plurality,
And that each man and women
Are truly unique and different.

And that too is a reflection
Of the Uniqueness of God,
For there is only one you
That you are aware of.

If you cannot accept
People and their
Differing values,
Then you are denying
Your own uniqueness
And that of others,
And in so doing
You are denying
An important precept
In the Unity of God.

There are many of us, and it is fitting, because it shows (in comparison) the Absolute Oneness that is God Almighty. Indeed, if plurality does not exist, how will unity ever be evidenced?

And of course, being accepting of others is an important precondition precedent for marriage and making babies. I don't know about your parents, but my father and late mum are quite different. Ostensibly they are Malays and Muslims, but that is where it ends. On many aspects, they are significantly not ad idem (Latin - meaning of one mind). My father is careful with spending, my mum is pretty generous. My dad takes a while to take a shine on people, while my mother is shiny on the word go. But there are some aspects which they commonly share, they are both hard working and they love their family.

What am I trying to say? Oh yes, this is it. If your mother and father took a pause for a second and decided "Look, this doesn't makes sense. You like chocolate, I like vanilla. You like basketball, I like football. Naah... we are so not alike. Let's break up.", the likelihood is that you would not even exist right now. But here you are, healthy and good-looking, and spending your Sunday in a quality way, reading the sinners almanac. Kudos for you and kudos for me. Hehehe.

So have an accepting Sunday, precious. Accept God and accept people.

wa min Allah at-taufiq.


Anonymous said...

Bro, i'm still afraid of ur dad even after all these And ur arwah mom, what can i say...always friendly and i think she would still call me Apeq till now if she's still around....

Milky Tea said...

My dad is misunderstood. Hehehe. And he is retired and pensioned. But you are right, he can still scare the heck of people. Hehehehe. And undoubtedly, she would still call you Apeq and Faizal 'John'. Hehehehe