Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Trinity of Divine Love - You know, I think we need not worry...

47. We need not worry
We walked a little then paused
By a clear blue stream,
Beside the running water,
You looked at me and enquired,
"Is this a dream?"

And I said no.

We passed over the Bridge of Choices,
And waved to the little dragons
That were perched on top Mount Qaf.
By the shore, we could see a mist,
Descending from an unseen height,
Quietly you took my hand and asked,
"Is this a dream?"

And I replied no.

From where we stood we saw
A glittering heart rising
From the sea, It was bright
As a star, and wide-eyed you asked,
"How could this be?"

And I said, "I don't know".

A ship was waiting for us
At the little harbour of Hope,
We made our way down a pebbled
And sandy path,
Upon reaching the gangway
We could read her name,
"The Faithful".

I looked at the ship doubtfully,
"Do you think it is seaworthy?",

You smiled replying,
"You know, I think we need not worry."

It takes two to tango. But for real love, nothing beats a threesome. That is you, God and the other. This does not in anyway diminish your love. Actually, the trinity of divine love flows from the fountain of truth, and it shatters the hidden tyranny of our egos. For our ego will have its claim in everything, even in matters of the heart. For your ego is changeable as a chameleon, and it easily changes its colours and spots to mimic your heart. Are you sharp enough to notice this cruel deception?

I read an old book a long time ago, and this was what the author had to say about true love and the false love of the ego...

“Oh people, seek real love, a love that cannot go astray. That love is the love of God and the love for His creatures for the sake of His love for them... Love pertaining to the ego is not love, as all the ego knows is to love itself, and what is commonly called love is but a mutual understanding to support each other’s egoism. Don’t trust your ego, nor anyone else’s, for the ego is disloyal by nature.” - OCEAN OF UNITY, Sheikh Nazim al-Qubrusi (Turkey, 1987)

So follow your heart and conscience, sunshine. If you follow it in everything, it is unlikely that your ego can deceive you when it comes to love. Then, just as the prose ends, you can assure your beloved and say, "You know, I think we need not worry..."

wa min Allah at-taufiq

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