Saturday, October 15, 2011

The United Kingdom, Beatles & Pink Floyd, the Oracle and the Columbine Massacre. And something about houses - Books connect us

Was the queue long? Is the Pope Catholic?
Hi, sunshine. As I mentioned earlier, we visited the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale last Sabbath, and below are some gems I managed to purchase at really great discounts. They are not the latest books, but awesome nonetheless.

A chilling read says Oprah.
I agree.
'The Sceptred Isle Twentieth Century' is essentially a large but effective tome covering the United Kingdom's 100 years. Great up to page 50 already, and the only sad thing (for me at least) is that it also highlights the crisis in the early 1900s which saw the slow demise of the Ottoman Empire, beginning in the Balkans as well and the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsular. 'The Secret Architecture of Our Nation's Capital' by David Ovason is an interesting but a little laborious study of freemasonry's influence in Washington's iconic buildings. It's not for me actually but for my friend, Longhair, who is an enthusiast in masonagraphy (is there such a word?). Rarely for me, I am also starting to read an uberdark book entitled 'Columbine' by Dave Cullen, about the two high school seniors who decided one day in April 1999 to massacre their friends and teachers in Columbine High School, Colorado. Into the 3rd chapter, I must say that it is very well written, giving me a bird's eye view into the psyche of these 2 demented killers. 

After watching an excellent documentary on the Oracle of Omaha, I was curious enough to pick up this book by Alice Schroeder called 'The Snowball - Warren Buffet & the Business of Life', then one book about the Beatles and a pictorial biography on Pink Floyd. Oh yes, I also picked up 4 home design books for ideas. The houses are so beautiful.
If you wanna build houses, you gonna need some help...
In the early days of Pink Floyd the audiences were expected to sit or stand still
and listen attentively to the music. For Pink Floyd is not just about rock music.
Pink Floyd was a rock renaissance.
Nothing poetic this time, sunshine. Just books. Wonderful life-enriching books. May you have a good read this Sabbath.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

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