Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Prophet's Name was Written in a Poem - Sex, Marriage, Salawat, the Sunnatullah and Sunnaturasul

Prophet's Name Written in a Poem
The prophet's name was written in a poem,
Spelled in a flower bouquet stolen
From the garden of his soul.
But no hands plucked the flowers,
And no hands arranged them.

The prophet's name was etched on a living tree,
Not by a steely knife, but by the eyes
Of his lover.

The prophet's name was heard in
The little stream, but the water was silent
And only his lover heard it amidst the
Crying of the birds and crickets.

The light of the Sun knocked on the lover's door,
Asking to be let in, and gently the light
Entered and whispered, 'Awake, lover of Muhammad,
A new day awaits your veneration of his essence!'
But none could hear the light speak,
For the light did not speak, rather it
Was the love of the lover manifesting itself
In the greying hue of an overcast sky.

For in all that he sees,
The lover sees his prophet,
And in all that he hears,
The lover hears the prophet.

Living or dead,
Friend or foe,
The sun or the moon,
Family or enemy,
Muhammad is all that he sees.

In that way,
He follows the way of God,
The Sunnatullah...

For to love Muhammad
Is to follow the way of Ahad.

If you happen to be a non-Muslim, do not feel too bad if you do not comprehend the Muslims' fervent adoration of the Prophet Muhammad. For the truth of the matter is that very few Muslims understand it themselves. There are many things taught in Islam which is the way of the Prophet (sunnaturasul), but love, praise and veneration of Muhammad is not one of them. This calling of devotion lies expressly in the way of God (sunnatullah), so it is apt that mankind should feel some uncertainty in the awe that comes with doing something which God himself does.

It is also along this line that marriage is considered a tradition of the Prophet, but the actual act of consummating the marriage, the act of pro-creation of life itself is a tradition of God, and not the Prophet. Men (and women) have been having sex for the longest time, and still it is an act worthy of hundreds upon thousands of books, manuals and articles. I know. I sometimes read the Cosmopolitan. And this book too.

Hehehe. Have a lovely day, sunshine. God bless God, and God praise the Prophet!

wa min Allah at-taufiq.

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