Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Throne of Love & the Tyranny of the Senses

Direct Evidence is...
Direct Evidence is what
People call what is actually hearsay,
When they hear what they themselves
Say to be the truth.

In law, hearsay basically means you coming to know of facts indirectly, through an intermediary. But even when you yourself experiences something, is it direct knowledge? After all, what can you see if your eyes do not show you? What do you hear if your ears do not choose to tell you? What would you feel - the rough earth under the sole of your feet, the tender kiss of a lover on your lips, if your skin do not inform you of such things? What sweetness can you taste if your tongue remains silent? What mathematical problems can you work out or perceive, if your mind did not recognise them for you?

The King of Love and the Tyranny of the Senses
Man have become overwrought by his own senses, 
So much so that he now thinks that his senses is king, 
And he has become a slave to a tyrant. 

The Lord is offering man servanthood, not slavery. 
The Lord is offering man mercy, not tyranny. 
The Lord is offering man love and 
Has erected a throne in the hearts 
Of all man for love to reign. 
But man has allowed his own senses 
To gainsay his heart. 

But when the heart is overruled, 
Does man not realise that 
Even his senses will make no sense at all now?

It is something to think about. No, wait. Not think. Something to feel about this lovely Sunday, sunshine.

wa min Allah at-taufiq.

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