Thursday, October 20, 2011

God is in a hurry to give you gifts - Motherly Love and the Approved Channels

107. Yoga, Yoda, Mama and Such
In His Unstoppable Charity
God cannot wait to give stuffs
To these stupid humans,
So He sneaks them in
Through different packaging.

God doesn't wait for you to be ready for His gifts. The gifts (big and small), are coming as fast as the fastest arrow from an Angel's bow. Think about it -

Your Birth. God doesn't wait for you to be ready for birth. He knows you will not learn to appreciate it when you are 2 years or 20 years old. No, the awareness and understanding of the gift behind your creation will unfold like rose petals - one understanding after the other, day by day.

Your Mother's Love. And take my mother for instance (well, God did in fact take her... back in May 2002). Arbayah (for that was her name) was the sublime gift which I could not really comprehend. After years of being spoiled silly, taught, fed and disciplined(ish) - when my mother passed away, this sinner could still not grasp who 'mother' really was. No, it is taking almost a decade for me to relive the memories I have with my late mother, to slowly begin to understand what a mother's love is all about, and just how far does that light shines. So you see, there is no end in educating Taufiq about his mom, but that didn't stop God from giving my mother to me first. Sometimes you gain experience, and only much later do you learn the lesson and appreciation of such experiences. Sad, but true.

YOU ARE ALL APPROVED CHANNELS. In my short life, I have heard a politician speak the truth, I have heard a preacher lie and I have seen too many goodness flowing from people who carry a faith different from mine. So in God's hurry to give us goodies, He does not necessarily opt to use the 'approved channel'. And you know why? Because all good things which come through people, make such people an 'approved channel'. I truly believe this and I think that is simply awesome of God.

BACK TO MUMSIE. And how far does the light of a mother's love shine, you ask? Time cannot encompass it and no space can contain it. For it is a divine tributary from the Ocean of Love that is the Majesty of God, Most Compassionate and Most Merciful. You may call her Mummie, Mom, Mama, Mother, Mak, Mater, Bonda, Ibu or Ama, but to God and the Prophet, she is an embodiment of True Love.

So love your mothers, sunshine. And be open to people.

wa min Allah at-taufiq.

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