Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Big Bad Wolf and the Two Dragons - Pictures tell Stories

Last Saturday morning, we visited the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale, which is an annual
event here in Kuala Lumpur. But this time it was held outside town in a huge conference
hall in Universiti Putra Malaysia. It was very well organised considering the numbers that
the organizers had to contend with. There was even a paramedic unit on stand-by just in case
someone in that loooong queue decides to faint out of exhaustion. Luckily the weather was not
too hot and the hall was air-conditioned. Inside it was orderly chaos, as I like to call it.
But once every ten minutes there would be an announcement over the public address system -
Will Mr. Nathan see his wife at the cashier. Lina, your mother is waiting for you here, near the
DJ stand. If anyone finds a identity card bearing the name of .... please bring it to the information
People were going nuts with the books. The book prices were greatly discounted. I think this is
a fine example of Malaysian's love for books and most importantly, a good bargain. For a good bargain
we Malaysians are prepared to do almost anything, face any difficulty.
While we are talking about books, some time back Mikhail had a book about dragons.
He decided to draw them, with a few customizations. He was not happy with a one-headed dragon,
so drew his dragon with three heads. One of the heads was devouring stickmen ("Papa, I can draw only stickmen")
who were crying out (rather mutedly) "Uh oh!" and "What's up?" . Near this scene of terrible calamity
was a bottle of magic potion, the label read "This will make your dragon (into a) tiny dragon". 
Oh no! What is gonna happen next?!
Yikes! Mika's dragon drank the magic potion and shrank himself. And now another
dragon pops into the picture, with jagged fins running down its spine. In its claws it appears
to be carrying a cat (a pet? Or lunch?). From its fiery maw the dragon said to its miniscule
brethren, "Hi tiny dragon." The dragon's wing appear to sprout beneath its belly because
my son forgot to draw the wings earlier ("Oh no! I forgot his wings papa!").
Nothing poetic today, sunshine. Just life. Life, books and Mikhail.

Pax Taufiqa.

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