Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Angel and His Bright Halo - I was walking one morning when...

Artiya'il - Bright was his halo!
Bright was his halo
The light which fell
Upon the leaves and trees,
The birds and all living things,

Sorrowful was his gaze
Which fell upon the faces
Of the mortals, as they drink
Their morning cup of worry
In their morning cup of coffee!

"How do they live so?"
The angel asked me.
"Stumbling wearily from
One hope to another,
Sometimes succeeding
But often failing?"

To which I answered
The winged herald.
"If you do not know failure,
You cannot understand the joy of success.
So it is we who pity you, o’ Artiya’il.
For you cannot fathom what we feel."

"Aye, I cannot." He answered
Before his wings spread to the east and west,
Feathered with green and blue jewels.
"But, I cannot rest.
The Lord sends me again to ease
The sorrow of mortals!"

And with that, Artiya’il left,
Leaving me to contemplate
The angel of mercy ascending a grey morning sky,
As he himself contemplates the sadness
That is Man's constant madness.

I found this sprig on a stone bench in the children's park near my house. Upon this leaf once stood twenty-one angels, seven for each leaf. But I do not know how numerous are the angels which is present with each dew drop. If you wish to know more about Angels, you can ask the Lord of the Angels, for He is the same as the Lord of Man and Djinns. He is known by many names, but I like to call Him Allah, Haqq, Rahman, Rahim, Wadud or just God.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

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