Tuesday, October 18, 2011

God, History, Politics and Dogmas - the idea of embracing servanthood and not ideologies

87. Old and Folksy, and the end of human conjecture
I am not an orthodox,
Nor am I right-wing
Or conservative
In the normal sense
Of the words,

At best, let us say
That I am fond of
The Old and the Folksy.

I am not a liberal,
I am not a left-wing,
Nor a reformist (God forbid!)
Or Post-modernist.

At best, let us say
That where human conjecture ends,
My thoughts begin.

RAINBOW THOUGHTS. I am an observer of politics, that strange game of labels. I do not see why we must be divided along party lines, a Republican and a Democrat, a Tory (Conservative), a Lib-Dem or Labour. Alternatively, we are painted in our ideological hue as a Socialist, a Capitalist, a Secularist, a Communist, a Progressive, a Traditionalist, a Rationalist, or a Green (Environmenalist). I don't like labels because when I look at myself in the mirror, I see all of them in me. Each colour in the political-ideological-religious rainbow is represented by me.

JELLY FISH? I wonder whether it means that I am someone without any strong principles. A jelly fish of a man with no strong temporal or spiritual backbone. I have a hidden suspicion about myself that such accusation is not without merit. Hehehe.

TIMIDITY. But I deserve to be defended, yes? And this is my thoughts about it - sometimes, conservatives look at liberal progressives and say that what they do is without merit because it falls outside the traditional-conservative perspectives of life. AND sometimes, it is the liberals themselves who look at the conservatives as rather hidebound and too insular in their outlooks, unable to accept any new understanding. Well I say sometimes people, both conservatives and liberals, both rationalists and theologians are too inclined to be timid in their conjecture about history. There is more to God than what many people are habitually programmed to believe. When it comes to God it is best to unshackle your mind from the prejudices of history and the human ego. I reckon that whether you are Tony Blair, Obama, Merkel, Bush, Clinton or Najib (my Prime Minister), there is great safety in approaching this life with a strong sense of servanthood - to humanity and to God.

In fact I believe that there is no other basis better for us to live our lives by other than servanthood. Certainly better than the petty dogmas we commonly cloth ourselves in.

Have a thoughtful Tuesday, sunshine.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

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