Sunday, October 9, 2011

The History of Mercy and the Chronicles of Hate - which book do you read?

46. Readers II
Alas! Alas the readers
Who are trapped by
Their books!
Their minds led by
Breadcrumbs to
The witch's lair!
Their thoughts becoming
Their jailor, their mind
Chastised by a warden,
Their hearts locked into
A human prison.

Alas! And how fortunate
Are we, you and I,
To find worlds between
Our fingertips, to walk across
Time, to glimpse the future,
To share a journey with eternity,
Trailing our Master, Muhammad,
In whatever name he is called,
The Red Rose, the Moon,
The Orphan, Ahmad Mustafa
Most Beloved of God!
If you do not look to the world with friendship, love and compassion, forever will you see the ogres and demons bred in the hubris of man. Those self-serving politicians, priests and pundits who continue to say that you and I, we are different. These merchants of hate will deny we were ever the same.

If you come here, to the Sinners' Almanac, I hope to recall you to the finer reality of things. And that just as you worry about feeding your family, so do I. That just as your day is brightened by your child's smile, so does my day. There are hounds of history, who are picking bits and pieces of the past and laying claim to a black future. A future of conflict and dreadful wars. I reject their philosophies of despair.

For I too am a dog of history. But my reading of the past is the History of Mercy, not the Chronicles of Hate. And in this book of knowledge, there is no difference between you and I. 

Have a lovely Sunday, sushine.

wa min Allah at-taufiq.

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