Friday, October 21, 2011

Love is like Riding the Mechanical Bull. Turned On.

This is not love. This is what you call posing. Love begins
when you turn that bally thing on.
Heche tells me that I am opinionated and bitchy. She reckons that when me and my good buddy, King, get together, all that we do is bitch, bitch, bitch. She is of course wrong. Women bitch, men air out their views. Women are opinionated. Men are just passionate in what they believe. Honestly. You would think she can see the difference.

Heche says that if I was rich (am I not?), I would be absolutely unbearable and that she would probably not even go out with me. Well, I hope that won't be true. I always had this fanciful thought that God would only rain gold on me if I am able to bear the responsibility of money. Maybe one day. Right now, having ready cash is good, but I worry about the things I would get up to if I had loads of money. I am after all a sinner. Maybe I appear to be humble because I actually don't have the dosh to spend on cars, women and toys.

If you have not imagined the possibility, me and Heche were thrown together by circumstances, and more than two years ago, I cautioned her in a poem. I guess she didn't really know and I was just infatuated, but even so...

98. My life, my love, my kingdom!
Oh maiden!
Come not so close to me!
Don’t smile that smile of yours,
Nor let glitter that light in your eyes!

For my heart is not made of iron,
And if you continue to do these things you do,
I am afraid that one day I shall do it,
And offer you my life, my love, my kingdom.

Hehehe. I sound so pompous. But I was torn, you see, by the eternal riddle - Friendship? Love? BF? GF? I sighed, moaned and bitched internally for 6 months I reckon before something happened. Fate got tired waiting for me to make the first move and simply pushed me over the precipice.

Well, once over the precipice, there is nothing much to do but hold on. Love is like riding a mechanical bull. And love is about finding out that after so much of your romantic posing, there is really no life, no love and no kingdom of yours to offer her. For here, you will find that she is your life, she is your love and she is your kingdom. And I would not dare write these things, if God is not in the picture.
If you dislike the thought of humiliation, eating humble pie and
falling on your arse time and time again, then really...
take my advice and don't fall in love.

Just sharing, sunshine. Have a wonderful Friday.

wa min Allah at-taufiq.

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