Saturday, October 22, 2011

Life is beautiful, and daily God answers our prayers - Learning to be grateful in the face of grace

1. My Lord has Answered me
In my daily toil,
In my sleep, and in my play,

My Lord has answered me.

In my smallest needs,
And caught unaware,

He has answered me.

And to this end
This prose be,

Has He not answered me?

I woke up this morning to droid babble and sounds of laser shots. Mikhail was up earlier and had left the Clone Wars dvd playing. *Urgh* That little Yoda.
Leeds, UK. 1992

I do not know what to write today, but as I looked through my old prose I found this little favourite. It is a simple little idea, but when you think about it, it can change the world entirely. Simply put, there is nothing that you do, which is not granted by God. You want to drink, so you raise the cup to your lips and drink - God gave you the water. You want to say something, and you said it (hopefully something good!), God allowed your lips to say those words. You have and itch on your neck, your hand move to scratch it, God allowed that to happen.

Sometimes, we forget that between us wanting to do something and actually doing it, there is a time lapse. It may be days, weeks or even years, like when you want to finish your University Degree. It is common for us when we succeed in such long-term endeavour to give thanks to God. It is however less common for us to consider our daily actions as prayers. Even if I want to look out of the kitchen door, there is a millisecond time lapse between that desire and my eyes actually turning slightly to look out into the bright beautiful morning. In that shortest of moments, God has answered me, you see. It is so short that my mind do not even notice it, but the truth of reality is that, had God not wanted me to look out of the door, all sorts of intervening action might have happened. I might have had a stroke and expired. Or the chair I am sitting on might have collapsed. Or the lamp up on the ceiling might have fallen and hit me on the head. All potentially occurring in that millisecond. But none of that happened. In fact, I got what I wanted, and I have God to thank for.
Moses, outside the Law Faculty, University of Leeds, UK, 1992.
I wonder whether he actually prayed to be blessed with 6 kids (so far now),
the last 3 of whom is from a set of triplets. Ah, that is the thing about God answering
your prayers. He answers even those prayers which you never knew you prayed for.
And just like this little posting, Now I am done writing I will be posting this up. And if you are able to read this, well we then know that as God has done countless times already in this sinner's life, He has answered my prayers. Again.

May God answer yours.

wa min Allah at-taufiq.

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