Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Love God, Love Muhammad. Love Muhammad, Love God - Veneration of the Prophet Muhammad

Love God, Love Muhammad
Love Muhammad, Love God
Love God,
And surely He will acquaint you
With His Most Beloved,
Muhammad, Mercy to all the worlds.

Love Muhammad,
And surely he will acquaint you
With his most Beloved,
God, the Creator of all the worlds.

I used to wonder about the veneration of Muhammad which many Muslims have. And I used to wonder if their devotion to the Prophet somehow or rather surpasses their love for God, and indeed if they have fallen into the Muslim heresy of likening God to His creation, even if that particular person is His Most Beloved Prophet.

This question did not particular bother me too much, but it was there, hanging over me like some hanging-over-me thingy. Then one day an old friend dropped by and shared this with me. "My dear fellow, love and devotion is a fleeting emotion which rises and falls with the tide of human emotion and passion. It is not something readily quantifiable in the sense of 'less' or 'more' love.

But even assuming that you can be said to somehow love God the most (which is rather presumptuous of you, to begin with), who would God wish to acquaint you with more than with His Most Beloved Muhammad? And even if we say that you somehow love Muhammad the most, really, to whom would Muhammad direct your love and devotion to if not to God Himself? One way or the other, you do not lose. So quit worrying and do not place so much emphasis on 'your' love. For compared to God and the Prophet's love for you... ah, what are we but little rain drops of love from the cosmic love storm that is the creation-wide manifestation of the neverending love story between God and His Habibullah. And not even your highest praise can come close to God's and His Angels' praises for Muhammad."

Pax Taufiqa

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