Thursday, October 6, 2011

A BRIGHT & GOLDEN LORE - Any Decision can be the 'Right' Decision

1. I am
I am the sun that sneaks through your curtains,
I am the rain that falls upon your head,
The wind that plays with your hair,
The water that runs down your skin,
The food that you eat,
The air that you breath,
The life that you live.

I am known to all,
But few know me well at all.
I am the hidden gem,
The star in the night sky,
The crescent moon in your eyes,
The stream that runs through your soul,
The whisper of hope and strength
And a promise through all the ages of man;
In the springtime of Adam,
In the evening sun of Ahmad.

Bright and golden am I,
Mightier than time.

If you wish to know of God, you cannot be timid. You cannot be bound to the chain of human failings - our rampant ego, our hubris, our pride and jealousy, our anger and envy, our need to be right and all others wrong, our sarcastic remarks at other people's religion, our roving eyes that pluck imperfection in others, our grudging forgiveness, our forgetful ingratitude.

Often people look to God in themselves. Once upon a time, a man asked his friend, "If I was to do this deed, would I be inviting the wrath of God? Would God even forgive me?" To which his friend replied, "Sometimes there is no right and wrong answer. But if you think God will not forgive you, then you do not know God well enough. Whether you take the left road or the right road, He wants your happiness always. The question is, little friend, would you be able to forgive and live with yourself. Often in life, making the 'right' decision means you yourself ensuring that it was the right decision. Responsibility does not end by you making the decision.

This is no special information. This is no secret hidden in the vault of the wise. This is the story spun an eternity ago, and if you seek for it, surely you will find the answer to all your worried questions about life and love in Him. God has all the answer you need. But as one wise man once said, you need to know the right questions to ask Him.

Have a trouble-free day, sunshine. What is trouble when you have God on your side?

wa min Allah at-taufiq.

Postscript - Prose was also published in an earlier posting. Picture is freshly sketched post-morning coffee.

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