Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Reborn Each Day. Again.

69. A Happy Sigh
Sometimes, late at night,
When lamps are dimmed,
But the moon stayed bright,
They would come.

Cajoling and rebuking this sinner,
With words that I cannot remember,
Then leaving me
In the unfolding arms
Of a new day
Made mint fresh
Like me (hehehe)
By the Almighty!

No formulaic praise, no extended glorification
Could equal the murmur,
The happy sighs
Of such moments;
Allah… Allah… Allah…

Well, looks like you have made it, sunshine. In spite of all the problems yesterday, despite the seemingly insurmountable odds, you are here today. If people call sleep a sort of mini-death, each time you wake up, you are reborn, fresh and new. A veritable babe in this new day which God has crafted over an infinity ago just for you. And since God always wants the best for you, how can any new day be anything but a good day, nay, a better day than the day before? 

Taufiq (that's me) has led a life full of folly. I have done things which I ought not have done, and I have omitted to do things which I ought to have done. If only I had listened to my late mother, life would probably be easier for me. But be that as it may, God has again granted me another day, so the story has not ended, and in a way, life is simply just beginning for me. Again.

How will you live your life today, sunshine? Will you read a new book? Will you get a new pet? Will you suddenly decide to unlearn the mistakes of the past and see life as this magnificent adventure that it can be? Tomorrow may come or not, so do not delay... do it today.

wa min Allah at-taufiq.

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