Friday, October 28, 2011

Branding at the Marketplace - Cow, Satan, Ego and Pride

116. Marketplace of the Pious
My ego is coming to corral me,
With a whip and a fearsome
Cattle prod,

But I am no cattle
To be auctioned off
In the Marketplace
Of the Pious.

Pride is the fall of Satan. And He was punished for being proud of his spiritual station as the greatest among the servants of the Lord, ennobled even above the Arch-angels. For he took one look at our grandfather Adam and said, "What? Me bow down to that?", thus earning the lasting divine penalty from God.

And that is why I am ever fearful of my ego branding me pious like some poor dumb steer being led to the market. Oh no, I am not pious. I am a sinner.
A back rub before market? How wonderful...
Hey? What are you doing?! Hey! Hey! Ayieeeeee....!

May God bless you, sunshine, for spending some time with this sinner.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

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