Monday, October 17, 2011

Angels of Sodom, Gomorrah and the Grave

Cartoon 1 - Living next door to angels has its upsides and downsides.
Cartoon 2 - All Malaysians are required to carry their National Registration Identity Card, or NRIC for short. It tells me what my name and my address is (in case I forget). It also tells me my date of birth (as if I need any reminder about how old I am). A couple of years back, the government thought that it would also be a cool idea to also include my religion. This is useful, because when I die, the Angels of the Grave will be curious as to my faith, and shall question me. But I am already a Muslim - my NRIC says so! (Assuming I am buried with my NRIC). But things are not so simple... they never are when it comes to Angels.

Have an Angelic Monday, sunshine.

wa min Allah at-Taufiq.

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