Sunday, October 16, 2011

Gratitude and the Divine Dowry for Fatima & Ali

1. Our little role
If there is a role to be played by us
In your little quiet life, o’ seeker,
It is to awaken you to your blessings
That you have received already,
And the promise of more
From your Lord!

We are in the company of Angels,
So do not be disturbed by the
Gentle ruffling of their wings!

For they are pleased to be with thee,
As I am pleased to remind thee,
Time and time again!

For they are pleased to listen
Of the Prophet’s story,
As I am pleased to remind thee,
O’ oath bearers of our Lady Fatima az-Zahra!!

Gratitude. There is no more beneficial endeavour to have than to be grateful. Grateful to our friends. grateful to our pets. Grateful to our mums and dads. Grateful for that winsome smile from the waiter. Grateful for the driver who stopped to let you out of the intersection. Grateful to our country's founding fathers. Grateful even for our arguments and debates. Grateful for the silent majority of people who make life bearable despite the most criminal endeavours of hateful politicians and preachers of hubris. Grateful for the light in the sky, for the air that we breath, for our limbs that continue to support us, and of course, grateful to God for making all these things possible.

Divine Dowry. Long before we were born, sunshine, our souls were presented before the Lord as a bridal bequeath, to become oath-bearers and knights for the sublime daughter of Muhammad. This is how that came to be - Fatima az-Zahra is the Prophet's daughter and Ali wanted her hand in marriage, and it is understood from ancient lore that the dowry demanded by this most essential rose of the Prophet is the very salvation of the nation of Muhammad. And to this request, God assented. So you see, there is no excuse for Muslim men to treat women other than with kindness, love and empathy, regardless whether they are Muslims or non-Muslims, or whether they are our mothers, sisters, friends, neighbours or acquaintances. The Writ of Love born from the dowry between Fatima and Ali goes beyond that silly selfish attitude of 'my religion' and 'your religion'. 

Sunday is coming to an end here in Malaysia. God bless you, wherever you are, sunshine.

wa min Allah at-taufiq.

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