Monday, October 31, 2011

The Angel and the Man in the John Lennon Glasses

The Angel and the Man in the John Lennon Glasses
The angel saw the seeker
Who was all dressed for travel,
Carrying a change of clothes,
A toothbrush and a darbuka.

The angel descended
And coming aside the man,
He gently queried,
"Where are you going?"
To which the man replied,
"Life is a game of hide
And seek with God, and
While counting one to ten,
I fell asleep."

"So what do you
Want to do now?" 
Asked the angel.

The seeker smiled behind
His John Lennon glasses,
Then he said,
"I have kept God waiting long enough.
I must look for him now!"

I find life immensely rewarding nowadays. For the longest time, I have been asleep to God. Priests and preacher man counselled me of religion, but I had no time for religion. Then one day I met a man with flowing white beard. The man spoke to me of God, the Prophet, the Companions and the Saints in the most affectionate, amiable and endearing of ways.

In my blindness I have mistaken many things for Love, but now that I have tasted Love, I must look for Love in all His Complete Sea of Mercy and Compassion. It is not too difficult - friends, family, acquaintances and absolute strangers help me on my way with their example of kindly virtue and humility. Even as the world detaches itself from the Divine Presence, this folks of all hue and faiths light my way like fire beacons in the dark, leading me inexorably to the Ocean of Mercy, to the King of Kings, to the Creator of all creatures and things. 

Thank you, sunshine, for being a beacon for me and those whom you love.

wa min Allah at-taufiq.

(Oh, by the way, a darbuka is a small drum.)


Wolfgang Shabad said...

So great! Blessings!
Wolfgang Shabad Singh

Milky Tea said...

Blessings indeed, sir. Thank you for coming to my tavern.