Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mercy and the Muslims - Where is your history and where is your Muhammad?

Death eludes it,
Life is better with it,
It is the river that courses
Through the earth of man.

If love is the ocean,
It is the pearls that are hidden
In her deep blue embrace.

Evil men will say they
Want nothing to do with it,
Lazy priests will say that
It will all go to waste,
But sinners trawl and fish
For its divine sustenance,
Kings beg for it,
And beggars by the pavement
Pull your robe asking for it,

It is the stuff of holy commerce,
It is the coinage of the End of Time,
It flows through the hand of Ahmad,
It resonates in all our hearts,

It is our rest in gentle clime,
It is the banner of a love unfurled,

It is the voice of love
Sprung in heavenly rhyme.
It is love of God for all the Worlds...

And what is it?

It is Mercy, gentle and kind.

Love is the more famous sister of Mercy. But Love herself will bear witness that there is none more beautiful than her younger sister, Mercy. Alas, there is very little mercy now. Man's tongue are much quicker to judge and condemn than to utter mercy. And Man's hand go quick to the gun, the dagger and the trigger before going to serve food for the hungry and poor.

Muslims must be given fair warning. If you do not show Mercy, then to whom do they truly worship? Of course, the folly of mankind is shared by brethren in all faiths, but I am particularly concerned for the Muslims because they count me as one of them. And I pity them for their timidity in approaching their true history and the revelation of Mercy that is their prophet Muhammad. 

For the sake of Muslims, and for the sake of the world of Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs and Taoists, may the Muslims find their History and their Muhammad again. 

Pax Taufiqa. 

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