Saturday, October 8, 2011

You are the Receiver, and God is the Quarterback of Truth... so Go! GO! GO!

1. Quarterback of Truth
Truth is overrated
As a subject for transmission,

You can score touchdowns
With truth, but only
If the receiver
Is ready for
The truth.

We pick and choose truths. We do not disclose the whole truth, because let's face it, sometimes what we would say can hurt or offend someone. And secondly and most importantly, what we perceive may not be the truth anyway. So better zip it up and change the topic. "Do you look good in that shoes? Err... Hey, just look at the time. We are late, dear!"

I do believe that God is this way too. He doesn't throw you the ball when you are not ready. He doesn't chuck the truth while you are still running through life's obstacles. He waits for you to look over your shoulders for Him, and then He throws! God's aim is perfect, and so long as you keep to your run trajectory, you should receive the truth. What sort of truth? Well, it can be transcendental and divine, or it can be those really simple truths like 'if you are lazy, you will not succeed' or another homily like 'if you don't tidy up after dinner, the plates won't walk to the sink and wash themselves.' You would be surprised how many grown and so-called 'adult' men take years to learn this.
And this is another truth, it is Saturday, and I will be going to a book sale. Advertised to be the largest in the country. Catch you later, sunshine. Have a sad-free and book-full Sabbath.

wa min Allah at-taufiq.

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