Monday, October 10, 2011

The Judging Self, Prospecting for God and the Golden Destiny

23. Judging self
We are taught
To judge ourselves,
But have care that
You do not judge yourself
And in your zeal,
You inadvertantly
Punish someone else.

That is not wisdom,
It is self-conceit,
Alas, a common error
Stumbling the most
Earnest of seekers.

MISERABLE ME. Self-audit is part of self-discovery. It is a rudimentary approach but essential to help clean away the dirt and cobwebs that spoil your soul's true beauty. But I think man (and woman) is inclined to overdo it sometimes. And I am a fine example. In my zeal for perfection I find despair when I do not meet my own expectations. But this often doesn't just hurt me, but also those around me and who depend on me. I work slower, I smile less, becoming crabby and exceedingly difficult to live with.

SELECT-FOCUS BECOMES AUTO-FOCUS. I found this nifty select-focus option in my camera phone which permits me to err... select focus on a particular part of the shot before I take a picture. We too have our own select focus option, but often we do it without being aware. So just as the camera can focus on a particular point, we too normally focus on one aspect of our life at any given moment. And when we are down and stressed, oh boy, do we auto-focus on the negativity. And when we are up and cheerful, we tend to auto-focus on the positives. But both do not actually reflect reality which is often a mix of good and bad vibes.

TUNNEL VISION? I think that perhaps, true self-discovery lies not in a myopic tunnel vision of our selves. It is in taking the good and bad with a sense of balance, not too sad and not too happy. And to really always endeavour in finding the best way we can serve other people and not ourselves alone. I do not think God himself has tunnel vision because I do not think God is in a tunnel. I believe He is everywhere and sees and hears everything. And if God does not sway in His gaze upon you, surely that must mean that you mean something to Him.

DESTINY. Today is Monday and the beginning of a new working week for us. We are at the cusp of victory, sunshine. We are at the edge of success. We are only moments away from glory. So just like God, do not be swayed by the distractions and misadventures of this world. If we mean something to Him, then surely we must be destined to fulfill some beautiful quest, however high or humble may be our station.

Stake your claim on your destiny, my friend. And even if you do not find gold, you may find God in the earth and stream that courses through your immortal soul. 
When man prospects for gold or God they tend to grow long beards...
wa min Allah at-taufiq

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