Friday, October 21, 2011

God, Children and the Golden Clouds

13. Let me know You
When I stepped into the house,
My son came running to me,
Face smiling, eyes shining,
Luminous with happiness
And expectations.

Oh Lord, if I have never ran to You,
If I have never sought to embrace You
With a love unconditional.

Give me the opportunity,
Make the signs clear,
With no ambiguity.

Let me know You,
Let me run to You,
As a child would.
Face smiling, eyes shining,
Luminous with happiness
And expectations.

FATHER & SON. The analogy between parenthood and Godhood is painfully sweet. It is sweet because it lays firm the foundation of love and affection between the Creator(God) and the Created(us). It is a little painful because it also reveals the innate imperfection of man, as our children grow older and discover that in spite of their earlier observations, perhaps Papa is not so perfect after all. In fact, Papa is such a dodo (as how Mikhail will imagine me to be, not in a too distant future).

GOLDEN CLOUDS. Yesterday I was not running, I was just walking after a rainstorm. My face was neither smiling nor my eyes shining. But as I was finishing my route I suddenly looked up and saw the sky, and somehow I thought that the clouds, golden in the evening sun was profoundly luminous. Was this a clear sign?

Have a lovely day, sunshine. Full of beautiful golden clouds.

wa min Allah at-taufiq.

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