Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Answer is in our Children - The Apparent and the Hidden Realities

10. The Apparent and the Hidden
I did not bring the Quran to you,
I peeled your skin and read the Quran
That was in you already,

I did not bring Muhammad to you,
You spoke and I heard Muhammad
That was in you already,

I did not bring the angels to you,
I came and saw that they were your
Faithful companions already,

The constant source of wonder to me
Is that you realize these not yourselves.

I posted this prose earlier (when?... oh I don't know, sorry) but it came to mind again as I was getting ready for work. While getting dressed, Mikhail took out the al-Quran and did me the greatest pleasure of reading one of my fav verse of the holy scriptures, known as surah al-Ikhlas (Chapter 112)...

Say: He is Allah(God), the One and Only; 
Allah, the Eternal, Absolute; 
He begets not, nor is He befotten; 
And there is none like unto Him.

My son is an ordinary sorta kid. He is cloaked in ordinariness and the simple innocence of children. He is actually rather shy and reluctant, but he read the surah (chapter) anyway, and I thought it was beautiful. He can certainly read it better than his dad. I am glad this is so, because I think it is the hope of all parents that their children will better them in all ways. And when it comes to Mikhail, I long sought this from the Creator of children. For I desire my son to be a believer, and not a sinner, much better than his own father...

151. Dear Son
You can walk tall,
You need not be like me at all,
The faith of a believer is higher
Than the faith of a sinner.

So, never forget what the Saidi said,
The first time you two met.
And what did he say, you ask?
Oh, how can I recall?
That’s what I mean, my son.
You need not be like me at all!

When you are worn out and wearied by this world, and you look upon your children, take relief that God has left in your care a precious creation, a child full of hope and love. Our children needs us, to feed and care for them. But in an interesting way, we too are in need of our children, as a brilliant and beautiful reminder of God in our lives, and that for all our stupidity, God still has faith in us. Which begs the return question - should we have such faith in God?
The Benetton kids. Not just a great ad for Benetton.
A great ad for God Almighty too.
You know the answer, sunshine. The answer is just as recorded in prose No.10 above. It is in your children.

wa min Allah at-taufiq.

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