Thursday, October 20, 2011

YOUR BLIND DATE WITH GOD - God loves you because of who you are and in spite of who you are.

25. My blind date with God
We all have a date with God,

A blind date, in a manner of speaking,

Though truth be told,

We are the one blind,
And not Him.

And is it not wonderful that
Though He sees you already,
He has not rejected you?

Oh, children of Adam,
Nation of Muhammad
How lucky are you
With your Date!

A BLIND DATE. We all have a date with Destiny. A blind date of sorts. One day we shall meet our Maker, a.k.a. God Himself. And He has ordained Prophets, Saints and the holy scriptures to give us hints and clues as to our Date's personality and attitude, His preferences and dislikes. But over and above that, God has also given us ourselves and this world as a go-between. God has asked us to look at the world around us, and within ourselves, and surely, He says, there are signs of Divine Unity that we may discern.

GOD ACCEPTS NO RAIN CHECKS. This soon-to-be and never-to-be-postponed date with God will come, and we cannot bring it forward or ask God to take a rain check. Yet we find people (please include me there) who live their lives as if that day shall never come. As if they shall live forever.

WHAT GOD IS LOOKING IN A DATE. If you read God's likes and dislikes, it is easy to see what He looks for in the perfect date - Nice. Friendly. Trustworthy. Honest. Compassionate. Fair. Patient. Humble. Courageous. Chivalrous. Now I am looking at myself in the mirror, and oh boy... am I in trouble! I am NOT gonna be this perfect date that God is waiting to meet.
Sigh. How will I look awesome for the Blind Date
when I have this freaking thing on my face? Help!

HOPE. But now we come to a happy and hopeful bit. God knows me already. God knows about all my mistakes and sins of the the past. He knows about the small pen knife I stole when I was 11 years old. He knows that I smoke and eat too much. He knows that I get angry-stupid easily. And not even my best friend will say that Taufiq is a very patient man. Yet God, in spite knowing all that, has not scratched me from His Divine Blind Date list. For I am still here. Breathing, living, kicking and eating. He has not rejected me, you see. Despite having all the reasons to do so.

And that is why I love this Blind Date best of all - God loves you because of who you are and in spite of who you are.

But if you have a blind date set up soon, don't be like me, sunshine. Make yourself pretty for him / her.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

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