Saturday, August 20, 2011

Are You Milk, Butter or Cheese? (The Butter Story) - Prose of Ramadhan Part 53

Milk, Butter, Cheese (Ramadhan Verses 29)
I am the butter
Churned from the Milk of Life,
Milked from a Herd
In the Valley of Men,

I am the butter
Being spread lovingly
By the Butterknife of Fate
Across the Bread of God.

But the Bread is so big,
How will I cover it all?
And will I ever
See the Crust?

Such thoughts I contemplated,
As again the Butterknife dips
Into my Plate of Moments.

Then I saw an Angel
In a farmer's overall.
He was smiling and said,
"You are no butter!
You are a cheese!
And a stinky one at that!"

Someone came and waved the Angel away,
Then I saw that it was He who held the Butterknife,
Muhammad looked at me and said,
"He meant no harm.
Don't worry. Cheese or Butter,
You are mine. Does that
Not assure you, sunshine?"

What are you, my friend? Butter or cheese? Or perhaps yogurt? Or lo and behold, are you perhaps one of those rarity, milk?! I am a cheese because like most of humanity, I kinda sin on a kinda daily basis. So my soul tends to be odorous, and my conscience is crumbly. 

But people say I am savoury, and a few even enjoy my taste. Well, you cannot account for people's taste nowadays. Hehehe. If you are new to the Sinners' Almanac, welcome to my store of stinky cheese! I try to keep the place visitor-friendly and store the Stilton and my other uber-smelly cheese down in the cellar.

I find that life is good, and I thank the Lord. And as much as Fate sometimes tests us, I like to contemplate and remember, that I, just like you, were once Milk. 

We were flowing together like a river in heaven.... don't you remember?

wa min Allah at-taufiq.

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