Saturday, August 6, 2011

Does God Believe in You? - Prose of Ramadhan Part 19

I woke up this morning thinkin’ to myself, “Hmm. Maybe I should put up a poll / survey” on my blog. The only worrying thing is that nobody will participate!” But in the course of thinking up a question, the first thing that crossed my mind was to ask this – Do you believe in God? Then immediately the question (which has been obsessively asked by preachers and thinkers anyway) was overtaken by a more interesting question. One less often asked, and that is – Does God believe in you?

DOES GOD BELIEVE IN YOU? To free your mind of worry and thinking, I will give you a straight answer to a straight question. Yes, He believes in you. The fact that you are sitting there reading this means that you are actually continuing to exist. That he has given you the air to breath, the water in your body to cool down your intemperate seasons, and essentially a mind and a heart. He also gave you a laptop, iPad or Blackberry to enable you to scour through the vastness of the internet. Had He opted to stop believing in you, you would simply cease to exist. You would become a book never read and a story never written. But there you are… magnificently existing with the rest of humanity, whom I guess, God also continues to believe in. Doesn’t He read the news? Doesn’t He see the horrifying things that man do to each other, and to the world itself? Doesn’t He observe how time and time again, we promise to do better, we promise to make a change. We promise to quit smoking and we promise to be more patient? And how we often fail to fulfill our promise to ourselves? So why does God believe in us?

WHY DOES GOD BELIEVE IN YOU? Why don’t you ask God Himself. After all, everyone that believes in God must believe that He is All-Seeing and All-Knowing. I think the answer is this – He has too because we don’t believe in ourselves most of the time. We often hedge our bets in wanting to do anything. Qualifying our intent and effort when God Himself has said that He has raised mankind above all else in Creation (including Angels and other infinitely more worthy beings). So we are lucky to have God to be like God and continue to believe and cherish us. Just like our mothers, you see. You will always be the seed of beauty and promise in your mother’s eyes. You will forever be the bright-eyed genius who will go far in this life and be loved by many people – that is how your mother perceives you. So treat her right, for she is only doing what God Himself is doing!
Kun Fayakun
BUT WHY DO WE NOT BELIEVE IN OURSELVES? Hehehe. That is because we do not fully comprehend God. Thus what we believe about God is limited by our understanding and what God elects to inform us. This is a limitation not suffered by the Prophet Muhammad, whose belief in God is unparalleled in creation. And at this level which I am presumptive to analyse – God is saying ‘Be!’ (Kun!-arabic) and the Prophet is replying ‘And it is!’ (Fayakun!)

So have a nice Sabbath contemplating this, sunshine. God believes in you. He has not forsaken you. So believe in yourself, and do not forsake yourself. Do this for God and for your mummy.
I am trying, Mama...

Pax Taufiqa.

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