Sunday, August 14, 2011

Why are you here? Q&A - Prose of Ramadhan Part 39

Why are you here? (Ramadhan Verses 22)
If you have been awake
Walking through this world
You will notice that
Life begins as a riddle.

The Lord could have
Chosen a different way,
The Lord could have used
A direct path to
Teach us.

But He chose to exile us
Into this world, this strange
And often troubling world.

He could have written the
Holy scriptures into
Our hearts with no need
For Prophets, Messengers and Saints.

He could have left Adam and Eve
Untroubled in heaven,
But no, He chose to do things
This way.
His way.


I may have the answer. Perhaps we all know it, deep down. If God permits me another couple of hours or so, then I shall post up the answer. Maybe it is the same reply as you might conjecture. It doesn't matter, for in poetry, like religion, there is no compulsion.

Come dressed as you are, and I shall come dressed as I am. There is no vetting, no review of your status of religion or spiritual path.There is only but one God, and if there is a competition, let it only be a test of prose and praise, as to who can praise God best. No guns or bullets here, only the heart and the pen. We have laid to rest religious conflict in the grave of our hubris. There is no one to mourn its passing but our bridled egos.

It is past midnight already, and into the early morning of Sunday, 14th of August 2011. Praise be to the Lord of Sundays. He is really wonderful in many ways, and it is good to be asking questions about Him like these. Thank you for sharing this cake of reflection with me, pet. I baked it just for you!

wa min Allah at-taufiq.

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