Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Eidul Fitri Celebrations and my Spaghetti Bolognese

At 7pm, I began prepping the ingredients for the spaghetti bolognese
which is a traditional Malay dish for tomorrow's Eidul Fitri celebrations.
Just kidding. Wanted to be a bit different this year. I did not imagine
that I would actually end up using all that fresh tomatoes, tomato ketchup, tomato paste
and tomato puree. As it turned out, I did. Used about a kilo of minced meat.
I love my garlic and onion. I used two and a half whole cloves
of garlic. I suspect one of my relatives is a 'daywalker' vampire.
I hope to be proven wrong tomorrow.
Heche is my food taster, and she dropped by to test the spaghetti.
She said it was lovely and wondered if I actually had
Italian blood in my family. Okay, I made that last bit up.
Anyways, I am a firm believer in letting a sauce sit overnight.
So I am expecting the sauce to be even better tomorrow morning.
Keeping my fingers crossed!
While prepping the onions, garlic and capsicum, my brother and his family dropped by for some fireworks fun. Even my father came out bringing a packet of candles (which turned out to be aromatic candles!) and asked my brother to decorate our short driveway and gate with them. So right now, if you were to come by my house, it looks like a Hindu family's house celebrating Deepavali (The Festival of Light), which by the way, is also a national holiday here in Malaysia. And when you actually get out of your car, you can smell the strawberry infused candles, perfuming our small garden. I think it is hilarious. I am glad my dad is getting into the mood at his age of 77 years.

As I sent Heche back late tonight, I heard the takbir (The glorification and praise of God) in the night air, which is not familiar to me around midnight. I followed the takbir and it led me to a small mosque in the small suburbs of Sungei Penchala. I parked my car outside and listen. I was tired (and hungry), but contented. Soon after midnight, the congregation ended their takbir and I picked myself up from the pavement and drove home. This is how the takbir sounds like here in my hometown...

So here I am, sunshine. About to go to sleep on the 1st day of Syawal. I am hopeful tomorrow morning shall find you in good health and spirit. Wherever you are, however you are dressed, whatever holy books that you recite, I bid you, on behalf of God, the Prophet, His Companions, the Saints and all the Angels,  Eid Mubarak. And if you are anywhere near my house, drop in. The spaghetti will be awesome, I kid you not.

Pax Taufiqa.

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