Sunday, August 7, 2011

The One-Eyed King behind his Besieged Walls of Deceit and Conceit - Prose of Ramadhan Part 22

31. Affections of the Master II (a reappraisal)
There are those who would preach,
That choices have no role
In the Realm of Love.

But it does,
And at many times,
Your choice magnifies Love.

For have you not contemplated,
That when the Lord created us,
He too, chose.

My son Mikhail has his entire life ahead of him, while statistically I have passed more than half of mine. In the course of his life Mika shall have an ocean of choices to make. To weigh as best as he can, in the circumstances that he shall find himself in, which path to take, which door to open and which destination to choose. 

It is my earnest hope, that he shall always choose to magnify Love. To not be quelled and cowed by the illusion of our limitations. To not be bogged down by the baggage of regret and fear. To put faith in his heart and act upon his good conscience. And that perhaps, in the course of his mortal time, to unearth someone who shall always recall him to the Lord of Mercy and Compassion, as I have found in my son and his hypnotic glances.

If it is fated that I am to pass on earlier, I hope he shall remember his father's hopes. And if you bump into him on the street, or sitting next to you in the bus, tell Mika what I wished for him. So that he knows that his father is never truly gone.

When we act upon hate, envy, hubris and anger, we lose our choice to our manifested ego. It is our egos that choose, not us. It is only when we elect to do good, to be on the side of God that we retain our honoured gift from the Lord. To choose to be the gentle friend, the firm support to all humanity, as chevaliers in dowry to the court of Fatima az-Zahra the Renowned. The conspiracy theorists talk of the one-eyed king in the end of time and his vast black dominion. But in my writ, we are besieging the dark lord behind the walls of his conceit and deceit. He hasn't a snowball's chance in hell. Into the breach, my friends!

God bless you on this early hours of a Sunday morning in Ramadhan 2011.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

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