Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Martyrs of Conscience, Norway - Prose of Ramadhan Part 11

Undoubtedly the most harrowing time to be wearing this badge. Poor guy.
A couple of days back, I found that the Norwegian Ministry of Justice & Police in its website (Click Here) had issued out the final list of the deceased victims of the Norwegian massacre. Less than a fortnight after the attack, the Norway tragedy headlines have all ebbed away in most mainstream media, with the highest focus currently on the US Congress-White House tussle on the impending debt default of US government debt papers (Well, Obama signed off the debt limit legislation into law a few hours ago) . But for me and my friends, the story has not passed its expiry date. So many people. So many very young men and women in the bloom of their priceless youth, murdered in cold blood. And in Norway of all places. And it appears to be by a single perpetrator - a 30-something blond Scandinavian espousing some mad crusade against immigration, Marxism, liberalism and of course, everyone's current favourite villain, 'Islam'.

People like to comment, "Oh, let not their death be in vain." And it shan't be. Whether the world wakes up to the bigoted, narrow-minded, extremist and violent ideology of Islamophobia which is spreading its wings in the US and Europe, their passing shall not be in vain. The innocent have become caught in the crossfire of two mad and hubris-centric dogmas, between the fanatical 'Judeo-Christian Civilisation' and the maniacal 'Islamic Civilisation'. I am forced to put the faiths all in open and close inverted commas because in all honesty, I do not believe that such insane people represent the reality of their religion. Frankly, whether he is a blond Scandinavian 'crusader' or a brunette Arabian 'jihadi', in truth they are plying the Religion of Hubris. They just call their idols (which is actually their egos masquerading as god) by different names. They collectively worship at the altar of hate which requires constant human sacrifice. We must continue to reject these followers of death and destruction in whatever religious or political mould that they are hiding in. 

In this blessed month of Ramadhan, let us read the names of the fallen. Read when they were born and their origin. Someone shall be missing them come their next birthdays. Their father and mother, grandparents, their siblings and lovers. Their teachers and classmates. Their pastor and preacher. The postman that used to deliver their Valentine cards. The owner of the corner shop down the road from their house. Their barber and best friend. Their pet dog/cat/parakeet. May God, the Creator of All, Bless their passing and send unto them Prophets, Saints and Angels to guide their after life. We too shall join them one day. Let us remember them and their bereaving families in our prayers. 

Guys MUSTAFA Qasim born 22.02.92, from Vestby. ANDREAS EDVARDSEN born 30.11.92, from Sarpsborg. RONJA Sweet JOHANSEN born 03.02.94, from Vefsn. EMIL OKKENHAUG born 02.11.95, from Levanger. Asta SOFIE Helland DAHL born 19.11.94, from Sortland. MONICA Iselin Didriksen born 18.02.93, from Sund, RUNE Havdal born 16.12.67, from Upper Spokes. TORE EIKELAND born 18.05.90, from Bergen. ESPEN JØRGENSEN born 06.06.94, from Bodo. KARIN ELENA HOLSTER born 18.08.95, from Rana. Aleksandar AAS ERIKSEN born 29.08.94, from Meråker. VICTORIA Stenberg born 23.10.93, from Nes. RUTH BENEDICHTE VATNDAL NILSEN born 01.10.95, from Tønsberg. ISABEL VICTORIA GREEN SOGN born 18.03.94, from Oslo. IDA Beathe EGGS born 08.11.93, from East Toten. ELISABETH Trønnes LIE born 09.03.95, from Halden. MONICA ELISABETH Bosei born 1/20/66, from Hole. HÅVARD lived HOUSING born 10.11.89, from Oslo. CARINA BORGUND born 25.03.93, from Oslo. INGRID BERG Heggelund born 20.09.92, from Ås. Tarald Kuven Mjelde born 23.01.93, from Osterøy. PORNTIP ARDAM born 18.01.90, from Oslo. Andrín GROUND Espeland born 30.07.94, from Fredrikstad. Torjusen Jakobsen BLATT MANN born 19.09.93, from Kristiansand. Rafal Jamil Mohamad Jamil born 05.03.91, from Eigersund. TINA SUKUVARA born 02.09.92, from Vadsø. FREDRIK LUND Schjetne born 16.08.92, from Eidsvold. STEINAR JESS born 17.01.95, from Alta. Lejla SELACI born 09.01.94, from Fredrikstad. HENRIK RASMUSSEN born 18.02.93, from Hadsel. THOMAS Margido ANTONSEN born 25.06.95, from Oslo. MONA ABDINUR born 03.02.93, from Oslo. Anders Kristiansen born 30.01.93, from Bardstown. JON VEGARD Lervåg born 17.02.79, from Oslo (ministries). IDA MARIE HILL born 20.02.77, from Oslo (ministries). HANNE Ekroll Løvlien born 29.06.81, from Oslo (ministries). Tamta LIPARTELLIANI born 7/1/88, from Georgia. KEVIN Daae Berland born 6/24/96, from Askøy. SILJE Stamnes HAGEN born 5/15/93, from Askøy. Hanna Kristine FRIDTUN born 8/15/91, from Stryn. KJERSTI SAND BERG born 10.10.84, from Nord-Odal (ministries). HÅKON ØDEGAARD born 5/18/94, from Trondheim. SONDRE Furseth DALE born 2/19/94, from Haugesund. Henrik Pedersen born 2/19/84, from Porsanger. Eivind Hovden born 1/26/96, from Tokke. ROLF CHRISTOPHER JOHANSEN PERREAU born 6/9/86, from Trondheim. SVERRE FLEET Bjørkavåg born 1/1/83, from Sula. EVA Kathinka LÜTKEN born 3/7/94, from Sarpsborg. Ismail Haji AHMED born 8/23/91, from Hamar. MARIA MAAGERØ JOHANNESEN born 3/24/94, from Sem. MODUPE ELLEN AWOYEMI born 8/14/95, from Drammen. LENE MARIA Bergum born 16.03.92, from Namsos. Guro Vartdal HÅVOLL born 6/17/93, from Ørsta. MARIANNE SANDVIK born 3/14/95, from Stavanger. ANDREAS DALBY Grønnesby born 7/16/94, from Strange. SONDRE DRIVING born 6/16/94, from Orkdal. BENDIK ROSNÆS ELLINGSEN born 1/26/93, from Rygge. Gizem Doğan born 1/5/94, from Trondheim. SNORRE HALLER born 4/29/81, from Trondheim. JOHANNES MUO born 5/11/96, from Mandal. SHARIDYN SVEBAKK-Bohn born 7/17/97, from Drammen. SILJE MERETE Fjellbu born 13.11.93, from Tin. HANNE A. Balch Fjalestadborn: 13.10.67 from Lunner. BAÑO ABOBAKAR Rashid born: 28.12.92, from Nesodden. Syvert Knudsen born: 21.08.93, from Lyngdal. Diderik AAMODT OLSEN born: 03.06.92, from Nesodden. SIMON SÆBØ born: 25.07.92, from Salang. Synnà Røyneland born: 18.01.93, Oslo. ANNE LISE HOLTET born: 16.09.59, from Norway, Østfold (ministries).TROND BERNTSEN born: 12.05.60, from the Upper Spokes. BIRGITTE SMETBAK born: 25.02.96, from Sem. MARGRETHE Bøyum Clubs born: 03.03.95, from Bærum. EVEN FLUGSTAD Malmedal born: 06.12.92, from Gjøvik. GUNNAR LINAK born 7/7/88, from Bardstown. TOVE ÅSHILL KNUTSEN born 31.07.54, Oslo (ministries). HANNA M. Orvik ENDRESEN born 21.03.50, Oslo (ministries). KAI HAUGE born 31.07.78, Oslo (ministries).

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