Saturday, April 23, 2011

We are Bridgemakers and we use Love to Build our Bridges

82. A bridge between me and you

Love doesn’t hurt,
We hurt.
Love doesn’t bite,
We bite.
Love doesn’t lie,
We lie.
Love isn’t misery,
We are miserable,
Love isn’t hasty,
We are hasty.
Love isn’t blind,
We are.
Love doesn’t fail,
We fail.

For I have found
The Love to heal,
To restrain and
To be truthful,
Joyful and patient,
Revealing and
Illuminating a bridge
That exists between
My heart and yours.

Really, you don't need to book a ticket to Paris, look for a bridge and there declare your undying love. For as long as we live, we all have our bridges to cross already, wherever we may be. In the lore of the Prophet there is a bridge known as the siratul mustaqim (also called the Straight Path) which is said to be a bridge as straight and narrow as your hair split to the seventh degree. It is my belief that the material composition of this delicate bridge is Love, for what else can you build from, that is finer and more delicate than Love?

Glory and blessings upon you, sunshine. For you are indeed one of the bridgemakers of this world. You are not of those who seek to tear down the bridge between race, culture, nation and religion which is often the bloody habit of the peacebreakers of this world. You see me as one of you, despite me being a sinner. You see me as one of you, although we may not share the same skin colour or culture. You see me as one of you, although I am thousands of miles away from you.

But what is physical distance when the bridge that connects us is Love?

Have a perfect Sabbath, sunshine. *Sniff* I still have a little flu and cough. But I will muddle through alright!

Pax Taufiqa

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