Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hallaj, his Head and the Beauty in Disagreement

Dear old Hallaj lost his head for saying stuffs, which I guess is the ultimate censorship (See my earlier posting about him entitled Prophet Muhamad, Hallaj, the Sunnah of Patience, Getting Drunk and Paris Hilton's Pooch - Click Here). I am dropping in again at Hallaj's corner of the cosmic tavern because last night, while perusing my old writings, I came across a missive of him, written by the sinner's hand...

21. The Law & The Path II
Sometimes the Path ends
With the retribution of the Law.
But Allah, shall they silence Your Friends forever?
By Allah, surely they must fail!
For what do they strike but a vessel of clay?
What can they decapitate
But a puppet’s head?
By your permission,
May my heart linger forever
In servitude to You,
Teaching, guiding and loving
The seekers whose seeds
You still hold in abeyance,

Let me do this,
Wherever my head may now be!

Hallaj is said to have been executed in 922 A.D., thus fulfilling his destiny to become known as the famous Sufi mystic martyr. For those who opposed him, we shall not delve into their intentions, because really it doesn't matter any more. For who remembers the man who condemned Hallaj? But by his death, our friend has raised the discourse of the heart as to who we are and who God is to another dynamic level. For you see, I do believe in the Prophet's saying that Disagreement in my nation is a beneficial thing...

4. 19th October 2004, Part II
Allah loves the sport
Of two friends
Who compete
Against each other
To extol
Their particular blessings
From their Benefactor!

The only problem is when one person thinks he is better than the other person. That his interpretation of their common religion as being better, more refined and finer than the obtuse and oafish understanding of the other man. Well, the truth is there is indeed no equality of understanding. But the moment we fall trap to our hubris (and the danger is greater for those attracted to the tariqa (which is commonly referred to as the mystic's or Sufi's Path), then we just become another fly trapped in the cobweb of our own egos. As a sinner who is often pleased with himself, the danger of hubris and arrogance is clear and immediate. And I bet there are some (perhaps many!) postings in this blog where the sinner has shown his true colours. I do apologise, sunshine. You must except me as I am, a work-in-progress.

Pax Taufiqa.

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