Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sound and the Nature of Memory with the Lord of Time

SOUND WAVES CANCELLATION. An anonymous pigeon in Jesus, Rabia, Moses and the Pigeons - Umrah Pilgrimage Part 14 suggested that I google 'How sound cancels other sound'. I was curious whether my snoring and Arjuna's could have cancelled each other's nocturnal orchestra, and if so how. The answer is yes, but it is possible only if the two sound waves are exactly opposite each other. In other words the cancelling wave (my snoring) needs to be of equal and opposite amplitude or magnitude of the original wave (Arjuna's snoring). Now, who says you don't learn anything in this blog.

MEMORIES CANCELLATION. I don't exactly know why, but this got me thinking about memories, and how we are able to cherish and keep them alive, and how we are able to crush and destroy our memories. Of course there are some memories we wish to forget, while others we wish to cling to. I do believe that memory cancellation is just like sound cancellation.

In other words, we cancel (or at least damage our memory recall) of some memories by doing the exact opposite of what those particular memories embody. So, if we have some beautiful memories of a time spent say... with our auntie, then our hold to those memories become weak each time we say or do something bad to our aunties, or if they are not around anymore, when we fail to love what or whom our auntie once loved or adored. It can be all sorts of memories, really...

It may be the memory of the simple pleasure when a butterfly perched on your hand, or...

...the pleasure of leaning against a one thousand year old column in Angkor Wat, or...

... just parleying with your son at your friendly neighbourhood paediatrician, or...

...being hugged by your youngest grand auntie.
As a sinner, I sin. I mean its what I am really good at. So maybe that's why I cannot recall any memories before birth. You know, those happy care free days in heaven before the angel tapped my shoulders and said, "Hey, Taufiq, time for you to meet your parents..." and I was flung (ever so gently, I am sure) from heaven into my mother's waiting womb.

I guess this blog is one of my attempts to remember. To write about what is good and beautiful in this world. To remember those people who deserves to be remembered, and of whom many, sadly, I have already forgotten.

Well, at least God remembers. And I do believe that the rules of Time becomes a plaything in the hands of the Lord of Time. And when it comes to memories, good or bad, God will bend the rules and twist the clock to make it good and better for us. Of this I am certain...

129. Love Of The Lord Of Time

The Lord of Time whispers,

“My servant. Long have you been troubled

By your misdeeds.

Yet you seek Me in such a state.

Know therefore that

It is not My Will to permit entry into My Presence

The distracted and the grief-stricken.

So this day, I have brought the past to the present,

That you might right your old wrongs

And set your anxious heart to ease.

It is My Desire that those who do come to Me,

Come crying tears of happiness in meeting their Lord,

Who would bear witness upon My Name,

To the dwellers of heaven and earth

That Their Lord,

Would bend time and space,

And Lo! Break all the laws of nature that He alone has created,

For the sake of His servants.

Have a great day, pet.

Pax Taufiqa.

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