Sunday, April 24, 2011

Awake or Asleep, Faithful or Faithless, you are with me constantly, LOVE!

84. Breath of the Sun of the Sun
I felt the breath of
The Sun of the Sun
Upon my cheek.

It was not winter
But my heart
Was covered in frost,
But Love came,
Love overtook me
And burned away
My sorrow in a
Blossom of white flames.

Then the clouds drifted
Into my eyes and rain
Washed into my soul.

I was torn asunder, you see,
But Love, Sweet Love
Made me whole.

What is Sunday without contemplating Love? It is the best day for such reflection, I think. It is empty of daily work and chores (at least for me!), a timeslot left free to pour our ambition into the mould of our soul - our eternal pursuit of Love, blind, stupid and mad, while all along Love was pursuing us and shouting "I am here! I am here!".

Hehehe. It is cold here. The ceiling fan is blowing much too strong, but I am reticent to call the waiter to slow it down, because after all, he is probably busy in his own pursuit of Love.

May you chase down Love or are yourself chased down by Love. It doesn't matter really how, as from God did we come from, and to Him we shall (Huuu ray!) certainly return to.

Do enjoy this Sunday, sunshine. The day was created just for you.

Pax Taufiqa.

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