Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Ocean of Ahad and Ahmad upon our Battered and Broken Shore

In the summer of 1994, while I was studying in Leeds University, I went on a trip to the south of England and there I found the captivating and wondrous Cornwall, the southern end of Britain which stretches its green toes into the North Atlantic Ocean. For the past 4 years I have not travelled much, remaining like a frog under a coconut shell here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

It is good to travel. And in these past 3 weeks, I have journeyed further than I have ever did since 2007, venturing to the Holy Land and later to Jakarta. I returned from the Indonesian capital last Thursday a little weary, with a withering cough that is threatening to rip my chest in two. Well, maybe that is poetic exaggeration . I am a little unwell, that's all. Hehehe.

From my trips abroad however I have realised so many things - of my own faults, weaknesses and mistakes. I realise (and I should) how subtle is the human animal, how we are likely to be carried by the weight of our passion for what is good, not so good, naughty and down-right bad. I have little skill for either, but even as a sinner with no talent - it is easy to be bad. So this evening, as I awake from a frenetic Saturday night, I would like to assure my self that I am not alone in this challenge, and that however the day may turn out, we are all safe between the hands of Ahad and Ahmad, between God and His Prophet. That sadness and regret, however bitter, is but a blink of the cosmic eye, and only goodness is real and eternal. An ocean of virtue and love upon our battered and broken shore. So..., anyone for a beach picnic?!

1. Now tell me

How lucky am I to do evil at you,

For you are the discrete ones,

And you are loath to disclose

My misdeeds!

Indeed, I can see it in your eyes,

That you have drawn a veil

Between my misdeeds

And me.

How lucky am I!

Now tell me,

Who is this Lord of yours

To have such gracious servants?

Who is this Muhammad of yours

To have such a follower

Of merciful discretion?

If you are but a small sand

On the shores of your truth,

Oh, how beautiful must be

The Sea of Ahad and Ahmad!

Good curses on you,

For damning me now

With a yearning for something

So peaceful and calming!

1. Your reasons in the Hidden Realm.

When, how and where

You do what you do

Discloses a little

Of your intention.

But it is not all,

For only those

Who are keen and

Able to sift through

Your sands of confusion

In the Hidden Realm

Will ever really know.

And even that they

Partake from Muhammad,

Claiming nothing out

Of their own endeavours,

Being mere tributaries

Of a river

Flowing to the

Ocean Of Prophetic Wisdom.

Have a lovely Sunday, sunshine. I know it is sometimes hard to be happy and contented. But you must try. For that is the reality and every other interpretation is a falsehood fabricated by our wilful ego that is never ever satisfied. Pray for me.

Pax Taufiqa

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