Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Key to Happiness Now is to Know Your Lord Now - and not after you have shaked hands and rubbed noses with Mr. Death

1. Your Lord is the One and the Unique.
Your Lord is the One and the Unique,
And He is gazing upon you in all time,
In your past, present and future,
In your life and in your afterlife.

Do you think your personality
Will change in your afterlife?

If you feel misery now,
Will you not feel misery later?

If you feel happy now,
Will you not feel happy later?

If God is the Lord of Happiness of the hereafter.
Is He not the Lord of Happiness in this life?
Remember, when He gazes upon you,
It is all of you, you one second ago,
You two years in the future, you in heaven,
You before you were born, you in all times.

If you are sad, depressed now,
If you are fearful,
If your are jealous and full of envy,
If you are intolerant and
Full of miserable curses,
If you find this life untenable,
And that life is unfair,
Are you not denying your Lord’s attribute?
Complaining, “He does not love me,
Otherwise He would not treat me this way!”

So, do think of heaven, if it pleases you,
But remember, here and always,
That you will always be you,
And God will always be God.

And if you find contradictions
In what God is and what God
Appears to do to you,
Then remember, it is you
Who are in contradictions,
And not God.

That is the key to happiness,
To knowing your Lord.

It is good to have your eye for happiness in the hereafter. But if you are unhappy now, do you think you shall be happy after you shake hands and rub noses with Mr. Death? If you are not pleased by what God has granted you right now, will you ever be pleased by what is on offer in the shop windows of Heaven? If you are not satisfied now, if envy colours your world, if jealousy is your master, good heavens, how will you live without them in the next chapter of your soul? I am saying this as a marker to myself today, to remind this old sinner to stop bitching and complaining. And to see in my son's eyes (Mika has a bit of fever and is missing school today) my happiness vouched for me already from the moment my soul was pulled from nothingness till today, and Godwilling for an eternity of todays!

God bless you, sunshine, for all that you are to me.

Pax Taufiqa.

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