Friday, October 29, 2010

Mad Jihadis, Crazy Crusaders and God, Christ, Jesus, Jehovah, Allah, Buddha, Tuhan, Father and Ram

God, Christ, Jesus, Jehovah, Allah, Buddha, Tuhan, Father, Ram. If you call unto God by whichever name that is familiar to you, who am I to question you? I am not obsessed with names and forms, but the meanings behind them. Earlier this year it was recorded …

1. Aku tidak memuja NamaMu
Aku tidak memuja NamaMu,
Wahai Tuhanku,
Aku memuja Dikau
Dan ErtiMu.*

*I do not worship Your name,
O’ my Lord,
I worship You
And Your meaning.
If you call unto God, and the meaning you attach to Him is the Most Loving, Most Kind, Most Merciful, Most Understanding and Tolerant of the sins of His servants – you are my brother and my sister.

If He is God that calls on you to love another man whatever the colour of his skin, whatever the temple that he worships in, you are my brother and my sister. If you recognize that Good and Grace is not monopolized by the names and symbols of your religion alone, but sown like heavenly seeds in all of us - you are my brother and my sister.

If you understand this simple thing – That the Beauty and Utter Loveliness of God finds expression in the recital of the Quran, the pealing of church bells, in the archway of a Synagogue, the dance of a Hindu maiden and engraved upon the walls of a Buddhist temple – you are my brother and my sister.

If you are drawn to tears by the madness of men who choose to oppress and kill ‘in the name of God,’ blinded by the hubris of their self-appointed guardianship of ‘God’ – you are my brother and my sister. The inmates of the asylum may have taken over the mosque, madrasah, church, temple and synagogue. But you have within you, the Gracious Meanings of God - beyond man's capricious infatuation for mob madness and 'us and them-ism'.

2. Forms and Meanings II
Let not your ignorance of
The true essence of God
Be a hindrance to
Your happiness.

Know thyself.

You and I, we are not soldiers of forms and words. We are not mad jihadis or crazy crusaders fighting over symbols and shapes. Nay, you are the custodians of Beauty, Truth, Love, Compassion and Mercy. Trustees of the Governing Fire - Eternal Enemy of the Black Fire.

3. Divine Names III
The Concept of Tawhid (Oneness of God),
By its meaning and
By the nature of men
And their uncommon ways,
Traverse religions and races.

It is not just a bridge in Islam,
But a bridge between Islam
And other faiths,

That is its truth.

Glory be to God,
God of the Believers
And Unbelievers,
Glory be to Him
In Whose name woman
Cry out in bringing forth
The child into the world.

And you seek to burn the bridge?

Why do you bring hurt
Unto yourselves???

If you love your mother, know that I love mine too. So how can we not be brothers and sisters?

Have a wonderful Friday, sunshine.

Pax Taufiq.

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P/P/S - Pic courtesy of Arafia's Deviant Art site. Pay her a look-see
P/P/P/S – All prose from the chapter entitled ‘The Bride’s Dress’.

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