Sunday, October 17, 2010

You are my mirror, and I am yours

19. All Ours

All things invented and made,

All things written and read,

All things of beautiful birth

Are in truth, ours.

From the chapter entitled 'Muhammad, My Only Other'
Completed 17th May 2009

Beautiful music transcends the boundaries of our religion. Beautiful architecture crosses the border between Rome and Istanbul. Beautiful verses speaks to the heart of both Jew and Buddhist. Beautiful food tastes wonderful whether you are an atheist or a priest. And a beautiful maiden or a man, is beautiful whatever nation he is born into.
When truth comes out of a politician, it is still truth. When love blossoms in the heart of a sinner, it is still love. When mercy flows like tears from a soldier, it is still mercy. When kindness is given by the grumpy old neighbour you have long detested, it is still kindness.
So who is the we in the verse? Oh, have you not guessed it already, my love? It is you and I. It is the earth and the sky, and the host of angel that bear witness on the history of mankind.
We are not like the hounds of doubt, forever with their noses on the ground, sniffing for the folly and mistakes that we all share in. Instead we are looking with keen eyes into the hearts of the believers. And the beauty we find in you we find in ourselves too.
You are my mirror, and I am yours.


Pax Taufiqa

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