Sunday, October 10, 2010

Inspirations and Creative Thoughts

I have found a website, called Inspirations and Creative Thoughts, by a young man called Sadiq Alam, of Dhaka, Bangladesh. So much more than mine, his postings are well thought out and draws inspiration from mystics past and present. He is a sincere seeker, in search of the Lover and the Beloved. May he find what he desires!

His postings are sprinkled generously with quotes and stories from all streams of the Divine Fountain, from the Kabbalah, the Hindu traditions, Christian mysticisms, Sufism and more.

There is a tune running in the background of his website, and I am listening to it now... it is calling for tears of remembrance, although, in truth, I am not sure I understand the song at all.

This is the path of the sinner like me, you see. To hear a heavenly melody beating upon my conscience, but to completely understand it? Perhaps never. But how the laments make me weep! If you need any reason to visit his site, surely this sublime love song is reason enough.



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