Monday, October 25, 2010

God, NurMuhammad, Fate, Your Creation, Your Obligations of Love and the Lie of Hopelessness

Dear Sinners,

To those who despair, be kind and gentle. God loves mankind, not just because of our potential for courage, wisdom and strength, but perhaps especially, because we are vulnerable. Otherwise, he would have stopped at the creation of the Angels.

Happily you and I, we were destined to be born, right from the word go. Before the Unmaking of Nothingness, before the creation of the Pen and the Tablet, before the creation of Gabriel, Michael and the countless legions of Angels, before all the heavens and hells, before Azazil (the Devil) first unsheathed his sword against the faithless Djinns, before his temptation of Adam and Eve, before man’s downfall, first of all was created the NurMuhammad (Light of Muhammad), the Prophetic Light. The Light of Creation, the Essence before all essences, the Zahir of Love and Mercy, Prince of the Two Worlds. (p.s. Why not click on the preceding sentence - it will take you to a Qasida Burda video... heartbreakingly good)

By virtue of the already fated story of Muhammad, so too is your story fated. And your story brings you now to this very moment, reading this posting which I have written this Monday, the 25th day of October 2010.

Do you think it is mere luck, a happenstance that you are reading this now? The reality of knowledge and probabilities is encompassed by God, but it is more than that. Ultimately, everything that happens in your life was fated, and 'coincidences' is merely a label for those who cannot yet comprehend true Love, as was told to me…

1. Accident of Love
Coincidence is the
First fatality in the
Accident of Love.
(From the chapter entitled ‘the Bride’s Dress’)

So here we are, you and I – bit actors sharing a small role in the Divine Play concerning the Lover and the Beloved, of Ahad and Ahmad. But God Himself has made His timeless declaration of His Love and Devotion to you. So however small or insignificant you think your parts are, you are essential too. You must be. If not, why oh why would God have even bothered creating you? God is not someone inclined to do anything for no good reason.

Why are we here then? To help in whatever capacity and way that we can, of course - to lend a hand, an ear and a heart to those despairing in their circumstance.
To spread the evangelical word - that the Greatest Love is here, Certainty is here, Truth is here, manifesting in your conscience with each beat of your heart – to defeat the Greatest Lie ever born to suffer this world, The Lie of Hopelessness.

You are strong, I know. But many others are suffering in the face of tribulations. Help them. Help me. That is what you were created to do. Do it in the Name of God, in the Name of Love, do it for your own conscience and the love you have for your brothers and sisters.

107. My Dear Creation
If you wish to serve Me
Then serve my servants
For I am not needful of your services
But they are.

And If you wish to love Me
Then love my servants
For I am not needful of your love
But they are.

Do this both
And you shall find in Me
A fair recompense
Beyond your happiest hopes.

(From the first Chapter entitled ‘The Dam.SunSun.Ana)

Every little bit helps.”, my late mum (God bless her maple-sweet soul) used to tell me. You have heard these words before, haven’t you? A coincidence?


Have a good Monday, sunshine.

Pax Taufiqa.

Postscript 27/10/10 - Someone told me it is suppose to be 'the internal combustion engine' and not just 'the combustion engine'. She is right of course. So you see why I call it 'Creation for Dummies'. Hehehe.

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