Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Layla Majnun Exposition No.4 (The Wedding Carriage)

28. The Wedding Carriage
All this day I ask, shall I wait for You to say, "I do"?
For You to say, "I accept"? For You to say, I love you"?
For You to bind Yourself to our vows in perpetuity?
Or shall I press my suit on You come what may.
O' Layla! Blindness has blinded me and my eyes only follow
The grooves on my heart left by the wheels of our Wedding Carriage.
Where are You leading me? Where shall my journey end?
How long shall I cry, 'Layla, Layla!" to Your receding vision?
Stay Your carriage but awhile and marry me, be it by a layside!

The reply:
O' careless Majnun! Hear me;

My vows to you precede your vows to Me,
My love of you is greater than your irresolute passions for Me,
And lo! It is I Who is the Pursuer, not you,
But it is you who has led yourself astray desiring something other than Me!

And My Vision doesn't diminish save for those who, I say again, desires something other than Me!

O` Majnun, understand what I say, for love without understanding is a flute that renders songs, But they are all desperate and sad, and do you really think I am one wont to keep My lover in despair?


From chapter entitled 'What is in your basket', completed 31st May 2005

This Saturday afternoon, warm and balmy has found me weary but contented. We speak of love so freely, you and I. We make our solemn vows of fidelity and honesty so smoothly. But do we even understand what we say? Islam means 'surrender' or 'submission'. But to submit to what?
Submission to God, submission to Love, submission to Mercy. This is not a straightforward matter as it appears to be. For submission means permitting God, as Love and Mercy to define who we are. But too often, it is we who lead ourselves astray, and instead of allowing God to define us,... alas it is we who begin to define God.
Then we fall into the trap of discord, when our definitions and dictionaries do not gel with the terminologies of other people. Leading to conflict, sorrow, despair.
As Layla says, if you really know me, you would never despair.
Despair is not a sign that there is something amiss in this world. Despair is an indication that there is something amiss in you.
Let us search for Love together. Let us take this path. Let us reject the road to enmity and despair. That is not what was promised to us, my friend. Come. Love is waiting, and I cannot make this journey alone.

Pax Taufiqa.

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