Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Silly Ones of God - making no sense to anyone else but God and the Prophet

I may be a Grizzly Bear. But I can hurt too...

1. People and God
How I prefer to deal with you, Love,
Than with people.
People who are conditioned
By their past and expectations, fears
And hopes of a bright future.
People who are not able
To be in the present with me.
Like icebergs, they float into my life,
And when I get too close,
The ice invisible underneath
Breaches my hull,
And I am left adrift,
Cut by their words
And their action,
Though they mean me
No harm at all.

O’ Lord, you mean me no harm,
But You would do nothing, and indeed
You would do everything to
Ensure my happiness,
Which is in Your presence.

I have a thin skin and a well-rounded ear sensitive to the slightest tone of sarcasm, ridicule and insult. This does not bode well when one has to deal with people, whether at home, in the work place or abroad.

The above prose was written some years back. Evidently someone must have hurt (or angered) me by their careless words or gestures. Perhaps they did not even mean any harm, but it was still an 'ouch' moment nonetheless. I wonder what happened... It is too far in the past to recollect.

But now, with the benefit of hindsight, I think I have a lot to be thankful for. After all, if I was not hurt by such words, I would not have turned to God, crying ink and prose from my eyes.

I am thinking that God is saying, "Do not be so angry or hurt by people. For sometimes I use them to chase you to Me. For sometimes you forget how I miss you and how much I desire your attention. Especially if you are seeking comfort and assurance. Is there any one else that you can seek aid from? Am I not the Abode of the Broken-hearted? Am I not the Healer of Hearts?!

So I am resting my words today on the support of Divine Love. I must be crazy to wait for the world to chase me to our Lord. But we are silly that way sometimes. And now I am hearing a comment - "Just sometimes??"

Hehehe. Oh, alright - We are always silly that way. We are the Silly Ones of God. And none can stand our appearance and nonsense except for God and the Prophet(pbuh).

I find that thought somehow comforting...

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way


Anonymous said...

For a slightly different angle of silliness and nonsense, more in line with 'Being (mildly) deranged is no obstacle in the course of true love'...

August 18, 2011
“...I admire his sense of humor when conveying this deep subject because it breaks down our ego's defenses. As the wise, Theravada monk, Ajahn Sumedho says, "We need humour to point to the absurdity of our self-obsession." Humor helps us view the world with less fear by boldly pointing out the silliness of the world itself!!”

Milky Tea said...

Dear Anony,

No truer comment have I read! And thank you for crediting thebuddhistblog. I paid it a visit and found James's writing illuminating.

I like it when souls bump into souls.

Thanks for coming by.


Anonymous said...

Very nice reply from you. I thought I would check thebuddhistblog to see what you saw and was shocked at what was posted – of all things! I had not looked at James’ blog before sending you the quote on humor, and also never recall a post like the one there now. It’s one of those ‘no mortal could have planned this’ things. But after reading your beautiful comment to James, I realized how monumental it is that this contact of souls was made, and you said what you did. If we had planned such a cosmic event, we would be geniuses! But oh no, I think the angels tricked us into doing a difficult little job God had assigned to them and they spotted just how to get it done! And voila! Here we are! I love it!

Milky Tea said...

Yes, I am tired of being used this way by the Angels. Hehehe.
In fact I revisited the blog after reading your much-to-generous comment and actually read James's observation until the end, and this is my take -

He has shown more concern and love for the souls of these bandit extremists than they care for themselves. He did not bitch and rant (though he had all the rights to do so) at these so-called Jihadis, but expressed deep concern for their spiritual welfare.

It is a lesson in humility and kindness that would be an eye-opener for any one.

And I am glad to be one of that an one.

Thanks again, Anony!