Thursday, May 17, 2012

Teacher's Day, Mika & Money, Adam & Art - collecting history to make history

Yesterday was Hari Guru / Cikgu (Teacher's Day) here in Malaysia. Mikhail bought 3 chocolates for his three favourite teachers, one of which is called Cikgu Shakira. I bet that all the fathers would like to meet Cikgu Shakira. "Maybe I should meet this err... Cikgu Shakira and give it to her personally?" I furtively inquired. Mikhail vehemently said, "No, Papa!"

Mikhail said that he wanted to sleep in money last night. He is a spiritual boy and materialism and money have no sway over him.

Ku Ash? Din Saigon?
My nephew Adam is enrolled in One Academy, and one of his courses is illustration. He has really improved and he promised to do a picture of al Marhum Shaykh Raja Ashman Shah ibni Sultan Azlan Shah (Ku Ash). And after two weeks of nervous wait, here it is. Not bad, Adam. But my brother, who is his art mentor (and just about everything-in-the-world mentor) commented, "I don't know la, Peq. He looks more like Din Saigon!" Din Saigon is a legend of sorts in the Naqshbandi Tariqa in Kuala Lumpur. He is often around, drifting in the peripherals, a quiet and ever slightly disheveled dervish. We know not where he comes from... Perhaps another planet.

My grand-aunt, Mak Kechik, wife to my grand uncle, Tok Kechik,
youngest brother to my grandfather, Tok Wan.
We have been busy here preparing for my late mother's 10th anniversary of her passing this coming Sunday. She passed away on 21st May 2002. There will be Tahlil (a short prayer traditionally done for the dearly departed) for my Mom and 15 other close kin who have already gone to meet our Maker. We have been making our rounds inviting our senior family members, the number of which, sadly, has been slowly depreciating. Following my mother, I guess.

I am in fact making a short trip to the paddy fields of Tanjung Karang this morning to pick up my Kak Mutiah. She used to work with us for over 20 years and was a daily and important part of my mother's home life. Slowly, we are collecting history, to make history.

Nothing Sufi-esque today, sunshine. Just children, teachers and family. And of course...

Cikgu Shakira?
wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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