Friday, May 25, 2012

My Brother, Horseback Archery in Jordan and the Caliph of Islam

I have mentioned earlier in the almanac about my brother, Saiful Bahri (or 'Poone' to his friends). I have always thought him to be a rather dissolute and eccentric character. Not caring much about money, women or status. He lives with me and my father, all presently unmarried. But as my father became a widower some 10 years ago, and I myself a divorcee some 4 years ago, Abang Cik (as how I like to call him) has never been married. Just like Jesus. And I guess Jesus-like, I found him rather exasperating in his detached unworldly approach towards life.

He doesn't take much to working, nor does he have any hobby that I can see. He is however the major domo of the household, together with my father in a curious (and often argumentative) partnership to maintain the upkeep of the house and other day-to-day chores. Abang Cik is also a loving, patient and generous uncle to all his nephews, including my own son, Mikhail. But above all, he has been the genesis of my own thoughts, words and art. It was he that propelled me towards reading, writing, music, art and above all, towards al Marhum Shaykh Raja Ashman Shah ibni Sultan Azlan Shah (Ku Ash) and his beloved Mawlana of Lefke, Cyprus. And in all these, he did with an affectionate love for the things and the people that he loves. He was never pushy.

I would not have known or met these gentlemen
were it not for my brother. "Hello, Poone's brother!" I imagine
them saying to me sometimes. 

The reason why I am writing all this undeserved accolade is because the git is not around anymore. He has joined the Malaysian traditional mounted archers in Amman, Jordan. He left on Tuesday night. He is not actually a mounted archer, nor is he even an archer. Shall we say that he is there as an usher-cum-observer for the entire proceedings in Jordan. Interestingly, this is Abang Cik's first trip abroad after 25 years. For the preceding quarter century, he has essentially been in an extended suluq, a form of solitary meditation - Like a bear hibernating in a cave during the winter months... Is the spring season of his life finally here?

That is my brother in the middle. Hehehe. No, just kidding.

The night before my brother left, my father suddenly came to me looking anxious. He asked, "Is Saiful going to ride a horse? It's dangerous, you know..." I assured my worried pater that my brother shan't be riding a horse, and that the only way he will take part in the competition is if there is a special category for couch-back archery. For that event he has been practising for the longest time. Hehehe.

It's been three days (not that I am counting) since he left, and not a word from my family dervish in Jordan. I hope he's alright...

I guess I kinda miss my brother. But I also envy him for being in Jordan, under the grace of the Commander of the Believers, Caliph of Islam - King Abdullah II. Lucky git (I mean my brother... not the Caliph)

wa min Allah at-taufiq

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