Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Stranger who would be a Dragon & The King of Hearts - The Prince Part 17

2. Impatience
Oh what foolishness is impatience!
Effected in the heart by an unnatural yearning
For something other than Him.

Oh what grand virtue is impatience!
Effected in the heart by a natural desire
To see the King of Hearts
Rule with Grace and Mercy.

To me he always appeared good-looking.
But I would say that, wouldn't I?
After enduring one month of bereavement, the salve to heal the broken hearts of the family, friends, followers and mureeds of al-Marhum Shaykh Raja Ashman Shah ibni Sultan Azlan Shah (Ku Ash) finally arrived through the words of Ku Ash’s own Master – Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Adil of the Naqshbandi Sufi Order. If you wish to know the man that Ku Ash calls Mawlana, you may watch his observations about Ku Ash directly by Clicking Here to Saltanat TV and choosing the ‘Raja Ashman’ video posted yesterday on 01.05.2012.

A younger Ku Ash, standing next to the Raja Muda (Crown Prince)
In his own words, the ancient Mawlana recollects Ku Ash as how he found him, all that long years ago in  London, a mild mannered stranger, sitting quietly on the floor with a small congregation of mureeds, listening attentively to the Sufi master. And now Mawlana calls him a dragon of astonishing power and the Sultan (King) of Hearts. Wow. I am sure such adjectives must be spiritually significant, but who am I to estimate what it all means? I have no such education, you see. To me he shall always be Ku Ash, or sometimes Shaykh Raja. 

As I write this on a very wet evening here in Kuala Lumpur, I can hear the rumblings of thunder like the roars of dragons filling the grey cloudy skies above me… But there is no fire falling from the heavens, only rain - endless rain of mercy...

52. Distant thunder
I hear the rumblings of a distant thunder
Light is veiled behind a plume of cloud.
But rain is come
The seeker is now the sought
The lover is now the loved
Woe that I was ever in doubt!

Thank you for dropping by, sunshine. Like the rain, you too are an embodiment of mercy to me.

* montage courtesy of Zulfiqar

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way


Anonymous said...

‘And now Mawlana calls him a dragon of astonishing power and the Sultan (King) of Hearts’.

I’ve been studying a set of special mystical symbols that apply to Shaykh Raja, and wondered if comments from those close to him would mirror any of the symbols. Here is one of them that mirrors what Mawlana said: “A highly sophisticated ritual is displayed, with the central figure is a heavily veiled prophet of power.”

According to the symbol, Mawlana is the ‘central figure’, and Shaykh Raja is the ‘heavily veiled prophet of power’. It very much complies with what I felt about him from the beginning, and now Mawlana, and the symbol, are all revealing an undercurrent of Truth about this at-one-time-secret Sultan of Hearts. There are other symbols I’ll share later.

Milky Tea said...

Dear anony,

Good luck and God Speed with interpreting those symbols, my friend. Do share them with us, whenever you can.

Is it not wonderful that Nayati has been released and found safe and unharmed? In the daily discourses of life there are also many symbols.

May God always bless and protect all children.