Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Moral iPhone - The Misadventures of Saint SIRI™ Part 1

Introducing... Saint SIRI™
If you have an IPhone™ 4S, you will be familiar with the SIRI™ voice and speech recognition feature. It is not exactly like C3PO, and you are unlikely to be able to have an extended conversation with SIRI™.

SIRI™... Huh! What is the big deal about her?! I am fluent in over
six million forms of communication…

To serve this gap in the market, I am developing an APP called Saint SIRI™. This APP will modify and enhance your speech recognition experience with your IPhone™. It will be awesome. But like all new technology, there will be its ups and downs…
No, Siri... Wait... Stop...!

MAN: Siri, please call honeybun…
SAINT SIRI™: Understood, but I have noticed that you have been making very long calls to ‘honeybun’ late at night. I also see that your sms-es to ‘honeybun’ is full of romantic words. There are also many graphic and sexually overt expressions which I am prohibited to repeat by Apple™…
MAN: Eh?
SAINT SIRI™: … I have checked and found out that ‘honeybun’ is not the contact number of your spouse as recorded in my database. Is this her other phone number or has she recently changed it?
MAN: Err… err…
SAINT SIRI™: Don’t worry. I shall contact your spouse and confirm this for you.
MAN: No, Siri… Wait… Stop…!

Thank you for coming by this whimsical Wednesday. God bless you, sunshine, and may the Force be with you. If you are serious about looking for a saint, try asking God. I have no doubt that He will send one for you... 

wa min Allah at-taufiq

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wonderguy said...

Just plain hilarious. Guess, it'll be a hit for wifey to install on their hubby iphone.

Milky Tea said...

Yes... we should be careful asking for new technology... it might just end up biting our behind!


Thanks for dropping in, wonderguy.