Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Map of the Hidden Saints and Devils

Map of the Hidden Saints and Devils
In the worst country,
And in the worst region of that country,
And in the worst city of that region,
And in the worst neighbourhood of that city
You will find a great Saint of God,

In the best country,
And in the best region of that country,
And in the best city of that region,
And in the best neighbourhood of that city
You will find a great minion of the Devil.

The Balance.
The eternal balance of the cosmos, as depicted by the Chinese symbol of ying-yang, and by the Hindu contemplative churning of the Milk Ocean is forever depicted by two opposing halves of reality, the good and the bad - the truthful and saintly in a protracted and continuing cosmic struggle against the deceitful and villainous.

The Light and the Shadow.
So aspirants of the spiritual path, in whatever religion, have often been warned - near the holiest and most saintly of teachers, evil treads not more than seven paces behind the good man. And it is also true for the worst and despicable creatures amongst men, for not more than seven paces behind him walks a saint of God, whether in spirit or physically there, to balance the cosmic scale of good and evil.

Holy Mecca.
These dual scenario is played out again and again in the holiest sites of religion all over the world. And no place is an exception. As one Sufi Grand Shaykh once noted, "The Devil can and does come before the Holy Kaaba in the holy city of Mecca itself, a malevolent spirit hiding amidst the faithful thousands who come to Mecca to worship God."

Saintly Mission.
The role of saints are to attend to sinners, and to hold spiritual clinics for the spiritually needy. Sometimes this happens in homes, mosques, temples and churches. But often, the spiritually needy are not there, and the saints would then need to go down to the ground to help those whose lives are blighted by oppression of the human ego, whether it is their own ego, or the rampant egos of other human beings. This tend to happen quietly and the agenda is hidden. Ordinary folks would then, uninformed as to the true nature of the Saint's mission, judge the Saint by his action - Look, he associates with drug-dealers and gang members! Look, he is at a club and spending time with bankers and politicians! Oh, how scandalous! Thus some people inadvertently commit slander because they forget an important Sufi adage -

A place, any place, is honoured and blessed 
by the presence of an honoured and blessed Awliya Allah (Friend of God).

Looking for a Saint. So if you are the sort desiring the attention of a saint, really, they are everywhere. There is probably one in your neighbourhood or city. The degree and extent of their authority and scope of influence varies according to the role that they will play in God's plan for you. Some saints may only have a temporary role, guiding you to one maqam (spiritual station) only for another senior saint to take you on. And there are those saints who will be the main pillar of your entire life. In any event they all report along their own chain of silsilah (chain of spiritual and temporal authority between Saints) that go generations back to either two of the Companions of the Prophet(pbuh), Saidina Ali or Saidina Abu Bakar, and of course ultimately to Saidina Muhammad, the Prophet of God(pbuh). It is accepted knowledge that ALL Sufi orders originates from Saidina Ali, save for one that comes through Saidina Abu Bakar.

Just Ask. And how do you find the Saint intended for you? You need only ask in your heart and you will be answered. That is the key to reading the map to the Hidden Saints. And funnily enough, it will also be the key to open the map to the Hidden Devil. But even this bad fellow will be as to nothing when compared to the rampant ego that mankind often hides in their thoughts and actions. And that is why, some people are driven unto the spiritual path. To seek the help of a Saint to tame and subdue their ego to the Grace of God manifested in the infinite merciful reflections of Muhammad Habibullah (pbuh).

Right, that's about enough, sunshine. I hope there is something useful for someone in this extended bla-bla-bla. I just enjoy the writing. Hehehe.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way


Anonymous said...

Fabulous posts (this and the one prior, although they all are)! I wonder if Ku Ash wrote anything that he intended to publish someday. It would be very valuable for us. His wife would know but may not be easy to contact. Oh well, just a thought! Good luck!!!

Milky Tea said...

My gut feeling (and I follow my gut a lot because it is very big...) is that what he intended to write he has written in our hearts, to be read as and when appropriate, at the right time and occasion when you need it the most. For myself, I do not know of any Ku Ash's writing. But Hu knows!

THank u for dropping your thoughts here, sunshine.