Saturday, May 26, 2012

Love, Thy Will Be Done - happy in the determination of a Most Loving God

Love, Thy Will Be Done
Father is left sleeping in the TV room,
While above crows hop from branch to branch of a tree,
Around me, Indians laugh that happy half-day laugh,
And a hornet hovers near, not bothering me…
Love, Thy will be done.

A collie dog greeted me in my dream,
Clouds gather in the near horizon,
As I wonder now - where is the mother of my life?
And where is the Prince, the Purple Dragon?
Who is keeping them company..?
Love, Thy will be done.

Earlier I fell asleep, as the face
Of my love drifted in front of me.
And now I am thinking - when my son marries
Will I be there with him? Or shall I only
Come to him in a dream..?
Love, Thy will be done.

I have words yet to be spoken,
Stories yet to be written,
But I will not plan nor choose
Thy coming, o’ Love.
I shall let Thee surprise me,
In Thy infinite ways…
Love, Thy will be done.

I am waiting for Thee, Love,
And of Thy coming I am making ready,
And I have for Thee a cask of golden mead,
A goblet of ruby wine,
For one time soon…
O’ Love, 
Thy will be mine.

No commentaries today, sunshine. For you know and I know already, Love... Thy will be done.

And we are happy with Thee, o' Love, however and whatever Thou determines.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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