Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Cherubim and the Guardian Angels - a pictorial history of angels part 2

What are YOU looking at?
The Little Cherubim
I caught a cherubim taking aim
With her little bow and arrow!

I caught a cherubim
But it was a she not a him!

How can this be?
How can this be?
I wondered,

Until one grey-beard came and put
My angelic knowledge to shame…

That angels are simply neither
A mister or a dame.

I like Angels. Whether they come to us in the form of man or in the glittering beads and vapour of water flying down a majestic waterfall. Here are some of my earlier sketches, already posted previously but re-shared because this sinner is having a lazy Saturday. Hehehe.

God bless the heraldic wings of Gabriel - Friend of Muhammad the praise-worthy one! God bless the administering eyes of Mikhail - Custodian of worldly blessing! God bless the soothing calm for Man's sorrow, coming from the heavenly balm of Artiya'il the compassionate!

Angels make a good advertising board, if  you can distract him long enough
for a co-conspirator to dab your slogan on their wings.   
There are Arch Angels, mighty heralds of God. But others are less
glamorous ones that attend to the smaller things in life,
like the gentle blossoming of a flower.
Angels are everywhere. A particularly gigantic angel was there
high above the skies of France, observing the frantic dog-fights between
the bi-planes of the Luftwaffe and the RAF in 1918.
Generally all angels love babies and toddlers. Yeah... easy when they don't
have to put them to sleep and clean their poop. But they keep an eye
on us whenever they can. Guardian Angels have a sadder story. These
heavenly creatures are created and destined for each one of us. And as we
grow old and do stupid and foolish things, they become distant, forced away
by the cloud of errors that we smoke out of our ego-chimney. 
Let's find time to clean our ego-chimney, sunshine. For even if we cannot see or hear them, if our ego-chimney is cleaner and emit less smoke and smog, our Guardian Angels will come nearer to us, attracted as creatures of light(Nur) to the Nur of our own heart. And surely then, we would sense their nearness...

Have a happy Sabbath.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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